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Evolution of 3d printing technology and the indian industry

   3D printing technology that literally took us over the moon is yet to create a firm footing in the Indian industry. ...

Take a look at my photos here, you will like:


Take a look at my photos here, you will like:

The type of Blocks and role of Blocks in CAD designs

The Autocad DWG files required more time and technical knowledge to design required for your relevant projects, we can define the term Block is that it is the structure or vector of any physical identity whether it is automotive aerospace in which you can download f...

Wear your home a refreshing look in 2020

We know that the new year is the celebration of festivity joyness and extreme happiness. People around the world will share and enjoy their ending season moments of life especially in western countries like USA, Canada, and Europe and other developed countries like ...

Open plan homes-the most common concept for home lifestyle

The open-plan homes began to be built more than a decade ago, and many homeowners today are adopting this kind of lifestyle. This style of home is created with the premise that walls are unnecessary and can be knocked off, so that different rooms blend into each oth...

Design your home around your lifestyle!

“Home is not a place, it’s a feeling”. Such a beautiful expression, right? And so true! Your home is an expression of your lifestyle and is the place where you feel most comfortable. If your home is designed around your needs, then you will always love to come... Protection Status