Design your home around your lifestyle!

“Home is not a place, it’s a feeling”. Such a beautiful expression, right? And so true! Your home is an expression of your lifestyle and is the place where you feel most comfortable. If your home is designed around your needs, then you will always love to come back from the farthest corner of the world— simply because there is no place like home! If you are making house plan free in India with either any designs you required an well expertise Architects and Interior Designers and take the services.

Here’s how you can make your home design reflect your personality and style:

Do you entertain a lot?

Design an open plan home that is warm and inviting, and suits your personality. Think about the flow of spaces in your home. Guests should find it comfortable to walk around and start up conversations in different corners. Provide intimate seating in cozy nooks for those who would prefer to sit around with a drink. Break up the seating areas, and allow for spillovers into the balcony, terraces or garden areas.

Are you ready to transform your Home Living Style?

No matter whether it is simple house plan or any Indian house plan we can select only specific Living style for any one of the latest Indian House plan with Vastu or with 2D/3D dimensions.

The furniture you choose completely depends on your outlook. Contemporary with clean lines and minimalist design, or traditional with ornamentation and paneling? The choice is entirely yours! We can also use soft type upholstery as drapes, carpets which should reflect our style.

Do you have little children or elderly relatives staying with you?

Your home interior must be designed to be friendly to both tiny tots and elders as they need special attention. Look out for sharp edges of furniture, and open electrical sockets in places where tiny inquisitive hands can reach. Designing a children’s room with plenty of bright colors, pretty furniture and scaled-down fittings is always a delight. When planning an interior for the elderly, make sure that you have non-skid flooring and grab bars in toilets, and design your spaces to respect their religious sentiments.

What are your color preferences?

The colors you choose in your home are also a matter of personal preference. Reds and yellows are vibrant, exuberant colors but can get overwhelming if they are used in excess. Blues and greens are soothing and relaxing colors. They create a restful atmosphere that works beautifully in a bedroom. Purple is sensuous but needs to be handled with care so that it does not look tacky. White is serene, elegant and calm, and lends a touch of class to any space. Choose the color palette that speaks to you, and mix and match with care!

Are you religious?

Do you believe in ancient traditions?

Vastu or feng shui maybe some other powerful beliefs that dictate the positioning of spaces within your home. If you believe in these age-old traditions, then, by all means, plan your home interior following these ideas. Your thoughts are all-powerful and create your reality, so it makes complete sense to align your home with your thinking!

If you are religious, your prayer c should be planned at the very start. Think of whether you need a separate room. Make sure it faces the right direction and is situation in the appropriate corner of the house if your religion mandates that.

Due to religious sentiments and cultural norms, some families do not like meat to be cooked in the main kitchen. If this is the case in your home, then you will need to create a space for this in the utility area outside the kitchen.

Do you have pets?

It goes without saying that if you have furry friends of the four-legged kind, then your home interior must be pet-friendly. Opt for quality upholstery that will stand the paw-and-claw test. The material you choose should not be a magnet for pet hair, and you should pick colors carefully too. If your pet is not toilet trained, then put away expensive carpets or rugs that would get ruined by puppy or kitty accidents. A dedicated pet play area is a good idea, where your little friend can frolic around with abandon!

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