Digital Libraries and eBooks: Today Most Demanded Sharing and Knowledge Resource

Digital Libraries and eBooks Today Most Demanded Sharing and Knowledge Resource

The advantages of Digital Libraries as a means of easily and rapidly accessing books, Designs and Images of not only Architecture, Civil Engineering domains but also for other Commercial products as well.

Advantages of Digital Libraries:

The Cost of maintaining Digital Libraries can be much lower than that of traditional Libraries which requires expenses like Book prices, Paying for staff, Maintenance, rent, and additional Books. Digital Libraries are the perfect replacement for this and as far as Auto CAD designs and Images is concerned if a Architects, CAD users or Civil Engineers want some designs and images for his projects than he may require many Designing websites , But in the case of eBooks Libraries and Online CAD Design Database he can easily access all required images and Designs under one web portal platform URL with Categories and Sub Categories as well without any problem.

Some other advantages of Digital Libraries are to increase the accessibility to users of any particular domain. They also increase availability to individuals who may not be traditional patrons of a library.

1)No physical boundary

The Users of Digital Libraries need not to go the library physically: people around the globe can get access with only simple authentication process and with either lifetime or certain time interval period till connected online

2) Round the clock availability

One of the most important and strongest factors of Digital Libraries of Designs and eBooks Database Portal is that Users can access information in form of Contents, Images, and text, audio, etc 24/7 with all world time zones.

3)Multiple access

User's resources and information can be accessed by Multiple Users at the same time and can be shared multiple times as well but for a traditional Libraries or Hardcore CAD Designs can be lending out only for one time only per user. This is one of Advantage for Digital Libraries and Drawback for Traditional Libraries respectively.

4)Information retrieval

The users can use any search term(word, phrase, title, name, subject) to search the entire collections of Designs, Images, and eBooks, Digital Libraries can provide very user-friendly interfaces, giving clickable access to its resources.

5) Almost Zero Physical Space

Traditional Libraries are always limited by storage spaces, On the other hand, Digital Libraries have the potential to store much more information, simply because digital information requires very little space to contain them and media storage technologies are more affordable than ever before.

6)Added Value

The main and most important USP for Digital Libraries is that The Content, Images and Designs Quality is much far better and accurate in comparison with traditional libraries Books and Designs, Ultimately you will get always quality content in terms of Images, Designs, and Text whenever you access the Libraries and will get new fresh views.

7) Customization Services

This advantage of Digital Library over Traditional Library makes it very flexible and convenient for Online users very important and helpful, Users and Readers now can edit, remove, update and add on more Designs, Images and Text as per as their requirement and choices and can get facility of Download very easily in form of PDF or other formats and also shared very easily to anyone anywhere around the Globe.

8) Time-saving

This Advantages also one of the most important and crucial for Books Readers, Design Users whether it is Auto CAD or other Designing Software. It requires almost a few minutes or less/more than that to access, download and share the eBooks and Designs to the required host or destination without time obligations and Multiple approvals.

9)Copyrighting and Licensing

Digital Libraries also have an edge over Traditional libraries in this point as in Digital Libraries the republication of material on the web may require special approvals and permissions from right holders also copy or data theft is strictly prohibited of any registered digital libraries eBooks and Designs.

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