How to Design a Traditional Indian Home

How to design a Traditional Indian Home

India is a country with a combination of diversified cultures, hobbies, regions, and communities that have coexisted here for many centuries. Contemporary Indian homes take a cue from this heritage with modern style for a look that’s laid back, rooted, contemporary and yet extremely soulful. We have very unique and newly designed collections with fresh Looks.

Indian handcrafted Furniture with Modern Touch

Handcrafts usually made from Sheesham (Indian rosewood) traditional Indian furniture is usually robust in make and often has a rust quality. Nowadays there is handicraft statement Indian furniture within the modern layout. Modern layout handicrafts in Indian furniture offers clean lines, simple proportions, open space, and abundant natural lights It was old and traditional culture in handicrafts for your home to mount the faux animal head trophies on the wall and clean-lined chairs. You can place either table fan on a tripod -table fans that can view a classy looks or you can use air cooler or mounted split air conditioner as well to make more modest looks to the home.

Use Indian Flooring with Modern Types of Furniture

Indian decor can also be minimal an simple, one could very well play with clean, modern furniture with flooring tiles of terracotta to get the fusion look Note that how modern and clean lines of the furniture raises the style quotient of this Indian home that features traditional tiles.

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