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Take a look at my photos here, you will like:

Take a look at my photos here, you will like:

2020-12-15 09:27:00

purchasing issue

I have purchased 110 points bt still i can not download 70 point worth dwg?

2020-11-06 09:43:00

Floor Desing

I Want 12 * 36 House Design Floor plan

Suryakant Murkikar
2019-12-28 03:25:00

What is the GST rate for the constructing materials?

i need to build the rooms for starting the hotel business. What are the materials are needed for constructing that. Each and every products and materials are getting rates with GST. And i need to know the restaurant containing GST rates. What is the minimum bill amount for not getting GST rate? I do not know the clear data about that. I have seen more hotel owners for collect the required details. Different types of information are collect from each person. No one cannot able to understand it. Taken some notes and key points from online discussion. Most of person is book their complaints about GST invoice and registration certificate issues. I am also read that complaints what is the possible way of problems and errors are occurred? Did you know the reason? Please tell me. What is the possible way for solving or avoiding the mistakes in GST? I need to read the constructing material's GST rates and prices reviews in online. I have got the price details from dealers. But cost is getting more. I am given my mail id and contact details for sharing your views and thoughts. Cement, steel, etc are getting more amounts now including the GST. Constructing business is affected for these issues. My business will start at next week Monday. My friends and relatives are come for that function. I need the build the two rooms as larger. I have plan for using the GST news and reviews for registering my business. I need to know the Government approved GST Provider, GST Suvidha Provider plans and policies. What are the conditions and rules are available in GST registration? I am searching the details and reviews about the GST registration. I need the benefits for registration and more details about the online tax payment features

2018-12-26 12:19:00
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