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Question Explain Bitumen, asphalt and tar ?
These are called bituminous materials and their main constituent is hydrocarbon. (a) Bitumen: It is obtained by fractional distillation of crude petroleum. It is specified by term penetration, say 80/100 means penetration of standard needle is 80 to 100 mm at a temperature of 25°C. It is used for damp proof course, roofing felt. (b) Asphalt: It is bitumen mixed with inert material like sand, gravel and crushed stone. It is found in natural form. It is artificially manufactured also. It is used for waterproofing floors and roofs, lining reservoirs and swimming pools, for grouting expansion joints. (c) Tar: It is obtained by destructive distillation of coal, wood or mineral tar. It is used for road work, anti-termite treatment and waterproofing.

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Asphalt: It has two basic ingredients.
Stone aggregates, sand, and gravel form the first part with a 95% share and 5% of bitumen as the other part.
Here, bitumen is the binder material, which holds together all the ingredients.
The primary use of asphalt is in road construction.
Bitumen: It is the black viscous liquid, which is used as a binder material in making asphalt.
It is a hydrocarbon, obtained naturally or as a residue in the distillation of petroleum.
Bitumen is used in making paints, roofing materials etc.
other than road works.
Tar: It is the thick black liquid produced by the destructive distillation of coal.
In the process of manufacturing coke and coal gas from coal, tar is produced as a by-product.
Used in making paints, synthetic dyes and in manufacturing medicines, related to the skin symptoms.
Since it is carcinogenic in nature, its usage is limited in making tar roads.

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