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Alfonso Fogle ?
2018-10-09 04:30:50

For pipe size < 300mm, rodding is usually adopted in which workers place about 1m long rods through the pipes to the location of blockage and manually operate the rod to clear the blockage.
For pipe size < 700mm, water-jetting is normally employed in which water is supplied from nearby fire hydrants and pressurized water jet is used for clearing blockage.
Winching method is adopted for all sizes of pipes.
For instance, for pipe size exceeding 1050mm, it is stated in Stormwater Drainage Manual that maximum intervals between manholes along straight lengths should be 120m.
This is because for sizes over 1050m, the main method of pipe maintenance is by winching whose maximum length of operation is 120m.
Similarly, the maximum intervals of manholes for other straight pipes are derived from their corresponding maintenance methods.

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