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Question What is difference between DIRECT DIFFERENTIAL or SPIRIT LEVELLING
Needs to know difference between both.

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Ramesh Kadam
2018-08-12 05:46:00

Differential levelling or spirit levelling is the most accurate simple direct method of determining the difference of level between two points using an instrument known as level with a levelling staff.
A level establishes a horizontal line of sight and the difference in the level of the line of sight and the point over which the levelling staff is held, is measured through the levelling staff.
The principle of determining the difference in level ?

Alva Crenshaw
2018-09-05 04:41:00

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Alva Crenshaw
2018-09-05 04:42:00

Abigail Arakaki
2018-09-29 04:43:00

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